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234                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

being so anxious and troublesome in applying early
in behalf of Sir Sidney, who, I am told, is very
obnoxious to himó-$oco m'importa.

August 2,0th, 1797.

One of the commissioners of exchange is
come to inform me men and opinions are so
much changed that I may now get Sir Sidney
Smith released, upon our Government ratifying
the preliminary convention for a general exchange.
I am most happy to see my ideas and hopes
realized, and shall not be surprised if I am recalled
to Paris, as the business cannot go on otherwise.
I wait for an answer from England.

Eugenie writes me word she has seen Bar-
thelemy iagain, who told her there was not the
smallest complaint against me of any kind, but
everything arose from le terns qui courre, which
makes it dangerous moving any way. Perhaps
Fontainebleau is safer soil; for Paris grows red,
and quivers like the soil of a hill near Naples.
Lobsters of a sky-colour abound, and stretch out
their claws; everybody wonders when they will